Working environment


2 days

Course content

The course covers the basic rules in the working environment area. We describe what the work environment legislation says as a background to the rules on systematic working environment work.

The employer's responsibility and what applies when delegating work environment responsibilities will be highlighted in particular. We also look at how the systematic working environment work can work in practice and informs about work adaptation and rehabilitation. Group discussions will occur.

Target group

CEO, managers with personnel responsibility, HR, safety representatives and work environment managers.

Previous knowledge

The course is of a basic nature. No previous knowledge required.

From the program:

• What makes us feel good at work?

• What warnings that everything is not right should you pay attention to?

• How can you act to prevent and repair deficiencies in the work environment?

• Who is responsible if there is an accident at the workplace?


  • After completing the course, the participant should have knowledge of how social contacts, cooperation, influence and personal development affect people's health and work ability.

  • After completing the course, the participant should have knowledge of how physical and mental work environment and work organization have significance for the individual, company and society.


• Psychosocial work environment

• Rehab

• Occupational injuries / Incidents

• Risks

• Self-responsibility

• Employer responsibility

• Safety officer

• Action plan

• Own reflection

• Delegation

• SAM 2001: 1

• AFS 2015: 4

2 dagar, 08:30 - 16:00

Deltagaravgift 11 500 SEK exkl moms

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